International Archives Day 2017

Today is International Archives Day - which this year celebrates “Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism”. The UN Archives is proud to link these three concepts, highlighted in our records on the opposite of citizenship - statelessness and refugees.

As one of many organizations around the world working towards peace and security for all people, the UN provides assistance and relief to refugees and stateless persons. This can be found in the archives of our predecessor, the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, as well as in records from many of the peacekeeping and political missions throughout the UN's history. As we make these records available, a myriad of researchers, UN staff, authors, journalists and citizens use them to answer questions about the rights of stateless persons, on how best to meet the needs of refugees, and how to use the historical record to prevent future humanitarian crisis. The archival record plays a large role understanding the meaning of interculturalism, as nations and peoples around the world continue to come together to work towards peace and security for all. For more information about how this day is being celebrated around the world, please visit the International Council on Archives
In this video from our colleagues at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, learn about the Nansen Passport, issued after WWI by the League of Nations to stateless refugees. (Trouble viewing? Click here.)
Coming to more modern times, we invite you to explore our collections on statelessness and refugees. You can view an index of our related records here. A selection of documents and photographs has also been posted to our Facebook page