Records Management Guidance

The Archives and Records Management Section has created a series of quick reference guides (a basic overview of records management practices) and a records management guidance series (a more in-depth look for staff members who use records management in their daily work). Please refer to them if you have questions about your day-to-day records management activities. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Quick Reference sheets

What is Records Management?

Managing Records Day to Day

Declaring a Record

Information Sensitivity

Records Management Guidance series

What is a record?

How do I know which records are valuable?

How do I know which records are vital?

How long do I keep records?

When and how can I destroy records?

How do I protect sensitive information?

How do I ensure records are secure?

How do I protect records from loss or damage?

How do I protect records in an emergency?

How do I assess the quality of my office's records systems?

Managing Electronic Information and Records in Shared Drives