Strategic Planning and the Strategic Planning Unit now catalogued

We're happy to announce the completion of a project to process documents from the Assistant Secretary-Generals for Strategic Planning and the Strategic Planning Unit (SPU) of the Executive Office of the Secretary-General (EOSG). These records span the years 1997-2014, and document the work of the unit mandated to "support the Secretary-General and the Senior Management Group (SMG) in considering policy issues, critical trends, and the actions of the EOSG from a broader, longer perspective."

The series description and file list for S-1909, Office of the Assistant Secretary-General for Strategic Planning can be found here. As we continue to update our Secretary-General files, our search engine will be updated accordingly. Since these records are less than 20 years old, please contact us if you would like any of the files reviewed for early access. 

Many thanks to our colleagues at The Winthrop Group for their hard work on this series.