Advisory Services

The Archives and Records Management Section (ARMS) can assist United Nations departments, offices and field operations with all records management issues. 

For United Nations departments and offices located in New York City, ARMS can provide on-site visits and meet with management and staff to discuss records management issues. United Nations offices and agencies located away from Headquarters, including field operations, should contact ARMS to discuss what arrangements can be made. 


Records Management 101

We have developed this series to give you more in-depth overview of the different concepts that you need to know in order to successfully manage records in your work area. 

For specific standards, forms and guidelines, please visit our Policy page. 

Some of the services we offer include: 

  • Developing and improving records management programmes, record plans and records classification schemes

  • Managing electronic records

  • Selecting record-keeping systems and records management software

  • Managing e-mail as records

  • Developing and updating records retention schedules

  • Using current records retention schedules

  • Providing advice on records storage and records that need to be retained as archives

  • Undertaking records surveys and inventories

  • Undertaking information and records management business process analysis

  • Undertaking records scanning and digitization projects

  • Advising on how to identify and manage records to support business continuity and disaster recovery