Retention Schedules

The most efficient and accountable way to manage UN business records - whether paper or digital- is to ensure you follow UN retention schedules. If your office does not have a retention schedule or you are unsure of how to use them, please contact us.

Retention schedules do not only establish how long records should be kept based on their historical, legal, fiscal or informational value, but they also identify the owner of the records who is responsible for managing the official copy. Retention schedules may also include instructions for the disposition of documents and other materials that are not official records. Please use the Guideline for Retention Schedule Implementation in combination with the schedules below.


A staff member researching the database at the UN Archives and Records Management  Section (ARMS).

A staff member researching the database at the UN Archives and Records Management  Section (ARMS).  ARMS ensures that the UN and the public have ready access to records that document the history of the United Nations.

Function and UN Office Retention
General Record Schedules
  Records Common to All United Nations Offices RCUN


Information and Communication Technology


Budget and Finance
  Accounts Division ACCT
  Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) ACABQ
  Office of the Controller CONT
  Peacekeeping Finance Division FIN
  Programme Planning and Budget Division PPBD



Conference Management


Contractual Translation Unit




Office of Disarmament Affairs

Economic and Social Affairs


Department of Economic and Social Affairs



Ethics Office

Human Resources


Office for Human Resources

Legal and Administration of Justice
  Office of Administration of Justice OAJ
  Office of Legal Affairs OLA

United Nations Ombudsman and Mediation Services


Management and Coordination
  Executive Office of the Secretary-General EOSG

United Nations Fund for International Partnership


  UN Board of Auditors UNBA
  OIOS Internal Audit Division IAD

OIOS Investigation Division


Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
  Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs OCHA
  All functions in Field Missions (Peace Operations and Special Political Missions) PKO
Political Affairs
  Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs


Supply Chain Management
  Headquarters Committee on Contracts and Property Survey Board CCPSB
  Movement and Transportation MVT
  Procurement PROC
Public Information and Communication
  Department of Global Communications


Support and Services
  Archives and Management Section ARMS
  Garage Administration CAS.GAR
  Mail and Pouch CAS.SSS

Planning, Design and Construction

  Postal Administration and Stamps CAS.POA
  Travel (UNHQ) CAS.TRM

Note: Please use the Guideline for Retention Schedule Implementation